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Licor de tomillo Frígola, thyme liqueur

Frígola is a traditional liqueur that has been successfully marketed under the same name and can be found in any shop on the island.

Frígola is a wild herb liqueur that features one essential ingredient: thyme (frígola or farigola in Catalan). Homemade frígola, which varies according to each familyís tastes and recipes, uses 4 litres of brandy, 250 grams of thyme leaves and flowers, 2 litres of distilled water and 1,200 grams of sugar.

The brandy must be distilled with the thyme leaves and flowers (which makes approximately two litres of liqueur) and the sugar is melted in the water, which is mixed, strained and kept in bottles to macerate.

In June and July, it is common to see immense fields of thyme in bloom in Formentera and Ibiza, purple or white flowers according to variety. An ancient tradition holds that this plant should be gathered bright and early on Midsummerís Day.

Frígola is part and parcel of Pitiusan cuisine and culture and very popular in Ibiza and Formentera with or without ice as a magnificent accompaniment to its original desserts or as a digestive after meals.

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