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Plaça Major crafts market

The open air crafts market in the Main Square (Plaça Major) of Palma has been offering its products since the end of the 1970s.

It opens all year round, providing life to this central part of the city. Here, you may find enamelled products, jewellery, cosmetic jewellery, product made from horns and other items created by the skill of these craftsmen. At Christmas, a number of Christmas stalls are also added to the market together with spontaneous human statues, artists, musicians and special lighting for the season in the Main Square, a place worth visiting. Normal opening hours are from10 to 14 hours and the market will be open, depending on the season of the year (and on the weather) at
Christmas: 16/12 to 05/01 Monday to Saturday;
Easter: Easter week and the following week, Monday to Saturday;
August and September: Monday to Saturday;
January and February: Friday and Saturday;
Rest of the year, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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