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Mallorca has a road network of 1,250 kms, 675 of which are local and secondary roads with an average width of 6.50 m. approximately, and 20% of these are in the mountains.
Throughout the winter, the leading European teams visit the Island because they appreciate its deal conditions for training. Professional cyclists who have visited Mallorca have a highly favourable opinion of the Island. Stephen Roche (winner of the Tour de France, the Tour of Italy and the World Championship) came to Mallorca on the advice of the great Miguel Indurain. As Roche says "Mallorca is quite fascinating! It has a great climate and great scenery and it offers unbeatable conditions for both holiday cyclists and professionals."
From February to March, amateur teams spend their well-deserved holidays enjoying their favourite sport on local lanes, travelling through lovely countryside around the small villages in the interior, where they can also find the real cuisine and culture of the Island.



Lluchmajor - Foto IBATUR

The route starts in the village of Llucmajor and ends in the Es Pil·lari district.  [+]

Foto Ajuntament de Sencelles - Sencelles

The route starts in Sencelles, passes through Santa Eugènia and returns to Sencelles.  [+]

The excursion starts in Inca, passes through the municipalities of Selva, Mancor and Lloseta and returns to Inca.  [+]


The route starts in Llucmajor, passes by the Capocorb Vell archaeological site and ends in Llucmajor.  [+]


The route starts at the Port of Pollença, heads south and passes through Campanet, Selva, Inca, Sencelles, Algaida and Llucmajor and ends in Campos.  [+]

Foto IBATUR - Ciclismo

The route starts in the village of Algaida and passes through Sencelles, Ruberts and Pina before returning to Algaida.  [+]


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