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The result of a complex history of ancestral civilizations gaining sway and yielding to one another, Mallorcan cuisine offers one a taste of all the cultures that have shaped its personality. Thus variety is one of its hallmarks. Island cuisine abounds in rich vegetable courses, exquisite seafood creations, and splendid meat dishes.

No other product is more typical or famous of the Illes Balears. This sweet, spiral-shaped bun has become the breakfast not only of Mallorcans and visitors; its consumption has spread to bars and bakeries overseas.  [+]

Sopes Mallorquines is a simple, yet healthy dish that offers the chance to savour seasonal garden vegetables. Meat, wild mushrooms and other vegetables can also be added, according to taste.  [+]

Frit Mallorquí is a very popular dish on the island and can be made in many different ways, as its main ingredients can be meat or fish. The following is a variety that features sweetbreads.  [+]

The orange groves in the Sóller Valley of Mallorca have been filling the orchards in this beguiling spot in the Tramuntana Mountains with the scent
of oranges for centuries.  [+]

The Order of Friars Minor of Santa Maria del Camí helped disseminate this delicious recipe in the centre of the island of Mallorca, which abounds in almond trees  [+]

Foto. Andreu López

In the olden days, suitors would court their sweethearts by paying groups of musicians to serenade the maidens, who in turn, would give the musicians buñuelos, a traditional type of light doughnut, and sweet wine.  [+]


This exquisite product is one of the islands' most famous sausages. It is still made all over the islands and nowadays is registered under the Mallorcan Sobrassada geographical denomination.  [+]

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