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Flaó and Greixonera

In the past, each of Ibiza's typical dishes were eaten at a certain time of the year. This is the case of flaó associated with Easter time and greixonera associated with family celebrations.

Flaó is a round cake made with eggs and soft cheese which forms part of the island's gastronomic tradition. In the past it was prepared for Easter, in a wood-burning oven and left to rest in the pantry. Today it is possible to eat this popular dessert at any time of year, made the traditional way by some bakeries or produced industrially.

The ingredients for the pastry are: equal amounts of plain flour, water and oil, a little lard, a small amount of anisette liqueur and matafaluga (anise seeds or Pimpinella anisum). For the filling you need: eggs (one for every 100 g of flour), the same amount of sugar and soft sheep's cheese or sheep and goat's cheese, as well as some mint leaves.

The preparation is easy. The pastry mix, which has a rather thick consistency, is put into a mould or flaonera, in a thin layer. All the ingredients for the filling are mixed together in a bowl and poured over the pastry. This is baked at a moderate temperature for 30 to 40 minutes and, once cool, it is sprinkled with a layer of caster sugar. It is usually eaten along with a glass of frígola (a digestive liqueur made with thyme) or sweet wine.

A way to use up the ensaimadas from the day before
Greixonera is another of the recommended desserts from Ibiza. It can be described as a cinnamon-flavoured pudding with an exquisite flavour. Traditionally, it was a recipe for using up the ensaimadas from the day before. To prepare it, apart from the ensaimadas, you need eggs (eight, for the same number of ensaimadas), one litre of milk, 300 g of sugar, one lemon, cinnamon, and butter.

These ingredients are mixed together and put in a greixonera, a flat earthenware dish. It is cooked in the oven at a moderate temperature for half an hour. Before turning it out, it should be left to cool down; then, ground cinnamon is sprinkled on top and you are ready to savour this exquisite delicacy!

There are some bakeries in Ibiza which make flaó and greixonera the traditional way. These dishes appear on the dessert list in practically all the restaurants.

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